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Starla Ivey Travels 7,500 Miles to Train PFP Students

Posted: Oct. 2, 2017

Dr. Starla Ivey, Assistant Teaching Professor in the Department of Personal Financial Planning, traveled to Chongqing China in the Summer of 2017 to teach aspiring Mizzou Tigers personal finance. This was a collaborative effort between the Personal Financial Planning Department at the University of Missouri along with Chongqing University of Technology in Chongqing, China. Students learned the importance of becoming a Certified Financial Planner along with practical personal and family financial skills such as filing US personal taxes, making large purchases (buying a house/automobile), investing, and time value of money.

Dr. Starla Ivey teaching in China

The summer course ran for 3 weeks and was taught all in English. For most of these students it was their first experience in an all English speaking course. One of the great things about FINPLN 2183 (Personal and Family Finance) is that it is a highly mathematical course and math/numbers transcends many languages. Dr. Ivey stated that "this was a powerful experience for myself as the instructor with all of the students having English as their second language. I have a much greater appreciation for what our international students go through in order to get to the United States and then also to survive in a foreign country. Being in Chongqing, as opposed to a highly visited city like Beijing, I was immersed in the culture and the daily lives of the Chinese citizens that I lived around. It was an amazing adventure and I believe I am a better instructor because of this experience."

The Department of Personal Financial Planning offers the 3+1+1 program where prospective students complete 3 years of undergraduate study in partner universities in China. During the third year, they apply for the non-degree seeking program at MU for the first "1" year, which allows them to complete their undergraduate degree. If they qualify, they can add another "1" year where the student enrolls in the PFP Master's Program.

More about 3+1+1 program

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