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Introducing the 2017-2018 Ambassadors: A Resource for Students

Posted: Sep. 15, 2017

group of ambassaors at Gwynn Hall

First row left to right: Sam Marre, Leah Donahue, Lena Howard.
2nd row, Erica Dorhauer, Anthony Wight, and Caileigh Smith.
Each Ambassador represents a department or school in the College of HES.

Another great school year has started at the University of Missouri and students are well into their routine. Helping students in the College of Human Environmental Sciences navigate the many streams at MU are the Ambassadors, a group of student volunteers who serve as peer advisors. Ambassadors help students get involved in organizations, navigate the myZou system or provide perspectives and explanation about general education and other degree requirements. Ambassadors connect students with campus resources and are a resource themselves for incoming freshmen or transfer students interested in learning more about the many programs in the College of Human Environmental Sciences. HES is very excited to welcome new and returning Ambassadors for 2017-2018.

Sam MarreSam Marre is a senior studying Family and Lifespan Development in the Department of Human Development and Family Science. Her hometown is Elsberry, Missouri. Sam is involved in a number of organizations, including Catholic Student Association, Sigma Alpha Professional Agriculture Sorority and the Missouri Future Farmers of America Association where she has served as a LEAD Conference Facilitator. As an HES Ambassador she says one of her favorite MU/HES Experiences was when she had the opportunity to go on a mission trip to Gallup, New Mexico, where she taught a religion class to kindergartners and served in the evenings at a soup kitchen/homeless shelter. One of the things she likes most about MU is that "Mizzou went from being just somewhere I went to college to my home. I have truly grown to love this University in these past few years My favorite part about it, though, is that it has something for everyone." And, if you ask her about her favorite thing about HES, "I would say the size of the college. Since we are relatively small college it is much easier to get to know our colleagues and faculty members on a more personal level." Sam wants to continue her education after she graduates, ideally getting into a master’s program for counseling in ministry at Loyola University. Her dream job would involve working for a hospice company as a chaplain.

Lena HowardLena Howard is a junior studying Apparel Marketing and Merchandising in the Department of Textile and Apparel Management. She enjoys being involved in Target H.O.P.E., the Black Business Students Association and Mizzou Black Women’s Initiative. She says that one of her favorite experiences at Mizzou was the end of the protests during fall 2015. "While it made my freshman year very eventful, it made me stronger as a persona and more aware. I felt that it brought the black community a lot closer in general and it was a great feeling to see how we achieves something so big together." She believes there’s always a place for you at Mizzou. "You’re able to find some sort of community to belong to and make a big university like this feel smaller." When asked about her favorite thing about HES, she says "How easy it is to build relationships with the faculty and make connections without feeling just like a number." When she graduates she wants to pursue a career in TAM with Visual Merchandising. Lena is from Glenwood, Illinois.

Leah DonahueLeah Donahue is on the Bachelor of Social Work track in the School of Social Work and expects to graduate in 2019. Her home town is Park Ridge, Illinois. Leah is involved as a Conversation Partner with the Asian Affairs Center on campus; and she is an HES mentee through the HES Mentor/Mentee Program as well as a member of the Council of Student Social Workers. One of the things she likes most about Mizzou is the number of different clubs and groups that one can join as well as the various centers on campus, such as the International Center. "What I like most about HES is the community feeling that is shared by all in HES, being a small college allows us to have stronger bonds."

 Erica DorhauerA senior who plans to graduate in December 2018, Erica Dorhauer is studying Interior Design in the Department of Architectural Studies. She is involved in the United States Green Building Association, which educates students about sustainability in built environments as wells as the Student Environmental Design Association (SEDA) in the department. She says that one of her favorite experiences at MU was being accepted into the architecture program. "What I like most about MU is even though it’s a large campus, it’s easy to find the group you belong in. And, in HES I like how close I feel with both my peers and my professors." When she graduates, Erica would like to work for an architecture firm. Erica is from Lake of the Ozarks, Missouri.

Anthony WightAnthony Wight is from Chesterfield, Missouri and is majoring in Personal Financial Planning. He plans to graduate in Summer 2018. Anthony serves as secretary to the Financial Planning Association, and is a Financial Coach in the Office for Financial Success. He is a member of the Insurance Association as well as Sigma Alpha Epsilon. One of his favorite experiences since coming to Mizzou and HES, he says, "was being able to go into class the first days and not only enjoying and finding the practicality in what I was doing, but also feeling comfortable and wanting to participate and speak with teachers, which was a new feeling for me." Anthony says that he is an introvert whose strengths lie with "My overall friendly personality and hard work ethic. If I’m passionate about something I am very good about channeling that into my work." Anthony wants to become a financial planner or advisor and help people improve upon their financial situation both now and in the future.

Caileigh SmithCaileigh Smith is a returning Ambassador majoring in Nutritional Sciences in the Department of Nutrition and Exercise Physiology. Caeleigh is from Klamath Falls, Oregon. On campus she is involved as a Teaching Assistant for NEP 1340, as well as being an Adaptive Sports Coach and a Girls on the Run Coach. She too likes that HES is a small college with faculty that you will get to know personally. When she graduates she wants to attend medical school and become a pediatrician. On another note, she says that her favorite snack is...anything chocolate. Caileigh plans to graduate in May 2018.

The College of Human Environmental Sciences is proud of our student Ambassadors who demonstrate the values of the University of Missouri: Respect, Responsibility, Discovery, Excellence. For more information about the HES Ambassadors program or the departments and schools in the College, visit

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