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Student Services - Academic Advising

One of the outstanding features of the College of Human Environmental Sciences is its advisement program. It is designed to assist the student in building a graduation plan. In addition, the HES Student Services office provides consultation on student problems and concerns.

An entering freshman has the first year to explore the various units in the College and the combinations of subject areas for positions in broad fields such as health and welfare, business, industry, art and design, government, and social service organizations, to name only a few.

All freshman entering the College of Human Environmental Sciences enroll in an Introduction to Human Environmental Sciences course. This course emphasizes career decision making, provides an orientation to the campus and the College and brings into focus the role of Human Environmental Sciences in the improvement of the quality of life in the near environment.

Required Trainings

Not Anymore: Identifying sex-based violence and utilizing bystander intervention techniques.

Mizzou is committed to creating a safe and inclusive learning environment for all students. The online program provides introductory education and establishes expectations for our community. It also complies with the amendments to the Violence Against Women Act and the Clery Act, as well as recommendations from the U.S. Department of Education Office of Civil Rights.

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Citizenship@Mizzou: Citizenship, identity, and critical thinking on a diverse campus.

Visit Citizenship@Mizzou for information on training dates/times.

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AlcoholEdu: Understanding alcohol and drinking.

This online training involves two parts.

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Contact an Undergraduate Advisor

Carla Jerome Beckmann
Coordinator of Student Services & Records
106C Gwynn Hall
Phone: (573) 882-6423

Alex Embree
Student Services Coordinator
106B Gwynn Hall
Phone: (573) 882-0673