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Margaret W. Mangel Faculty Research Catalyst Fund

This initiative is geared toward supporting the efforts of faculty, especially more recently hired faculty, who are making their first attempts to secure major external research grant funding.

Proposal Guidelines

  1. to "catalyze" new research initiatives that will grow into larger projects capable of being supported from sources external to the College;
  2. to support interdisciplinary and collaborative efforts among researchers in the College;
  3. to support the research base necessary to achieve specific departmental and College goals; and
  4. to assist faculty in being more productive in the research/creative arena.
  1. Eligible projects include new research and creative projects directed by junior faculty, or new directions in research/creative areas for senior faculty. Projects should have explicit objectives that can be used as a basis for assessing success at the end of the funding period.
  2. Faculty who have previously received catalyst funds are eligible but may not apply until their previous project is complete, including a written report filed with the Associate Dean for Research and Graduate Studies (118 Gwynn). Documentation of results and output from the former project will be given to the Associate Dean for Research and Graduate Studies.
  3. The University expects the applicant to remain a University employee for a minimum of one year following completion of a funded project.
  4. Awards will be made to cover reasonable expenses in proportion to the scope of the project. Previous awards have ranged from $300 to $3,000, and for FY2021 should not exceed $3,000. Special equipment items costing more than $300, and faculty salaries, are NOT supported by the catalyst fund. Research participant incentives are an eligible expense; however, an incentive plan must be filed and approved through IRB (Institutional Research Board) and Accounting.
  5. Proposals should be submitted in electronic format to Trish Savage at in the Office for Research and Graduate Studies, HES, by 12pm on March 16, 2020.
  6. Awards are made for a period of one fiscal year, generally July 1, 2020 – June 30, 2021. Awardees may request one no-cost extension, as necessary.
  7. 7. The proposal review committee consists of the HES Dean, Associate Dean for Research and Graduate Studies, and Associate Dean for Extension. In addition, 1-2 outside reviewers appropriate to each proposal, selected by the Associate Dean and the applicant’s department chair, may be utilized, as necessary.
  1. Cover sheet: Project title, name(s) and department(s) of principal investigator(s).
  2. Statement of purpose and objectives: Develop objectives that provide a basis for assessing the success of the project at the end of the funding period.
  3. Justification: Project should be consistent with established departmental and disciplinary research goals. Senior faculty should include discussion of how the proposed project reflects a new direction in research/creative area.
  4. Research Design and Procedures: Please focus on the research design of the proposed research; include time frame for progress reports and completion.
  5. Catalyst Potential: Specify plans for "catalyzing" this research into external funding and larger research/creative endeavors (including any planned scholarship, creative work, or other end products).
  6. Budget: Include and justify all anticipated costs for which Mangel funds will be used.
  7. Chair/Director statement: Include a letter verifying this research as appropriate to the faculty member’s assignment and consistent with departmental/school research goals. The letter is not expected to further justify the project. This statement should include the names of two possible reviewers from outside the applicant’s home department.
  8. Proposal length (excluding Chair’s/Director’s statement and bibliography and/or citations) should not exceed 5 pages (12-point font, double-spaced).
  9. Proposals should be submitted in electronic format to Trish Savage ( in the Office for Research and Graduate Studies before the due date.

2019-2020 Recipients

Awardee Dept. Project Title Amount
Rebecca Mott, Jo Britt-Rankin, Maria Janeiro Fabregas and Tanner Adkins Extension/ 4H An Exploratory Comparative Case Study of Food Drives and Meal Packing Events in Positive Youth Development Organizations $3,000
Jacqueline Limberg, Jaume Padilla NEP Role of sympathetic nerve activity in modulating insulin-stimulated vasodilation $3,000
Hsun-Ta Hsu, Ninive Sanchez SSW Supplementing a Mobile Application in an Evidence-Based HIV Prevention Intervention for African American Youth Experiencing Homelessness: A Formative Project $3,000
Fiorella L. Carlos Chavez, Gustavo Carlo, Sarah E. Killoren HDFS Exploring Adult-Like Behaviors and Experiences of Migrant Youth in the U.S. Midwest: Stress, Coping, and Resilience among Latino/a and African Immigrant Youth $3,000
Lu Fan PFP Antecedents of Financial Information Processing of Young Adults $3,000

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