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HES RAPID Grant Related to COVID 19

The Goals of the Project:

  • To promote new research projects to tackle medical, personal, social, economic, community or any other issues stemming from COVID-19 challenges and societal impacts and responses. All HES disciplines are welcome and collaboration is encouraged.
  • To encourage faculty to take advantage of new federal funding opportunities related to COVID-19 (One example is NSF RAPID with newly approved funding from the CARES Act).

Eligibility, Procedures, and Criteria:

  • Eligible projects include activities leading to academic publications, public scholarship, evidence-based technical assistance to the public and private sectors, new design prototype development for medical equipment or facilities, and/or external funding proposals by HES faculty.
  • All tenure-track and non-tenure track faculty are eligible.
  • The primary output of a proposed project will typically be a manuscript, report or other forms of publication, design prototype for medical equipment or facilities, and/or a proposal submitted to an external source.
  • Recipients of these awards will be expected to turn in a short final report on their use of funds and consequent activities by April 1, 2021.
  • Proposals will be reviewed by the HES Associate Dean for Research and Graduate Studies, and as needed, by the Dean, the Associate Dean for Extension, and/or outside reviewers appropriate to each proposal. Awards will be announced by end of April, 2020.
  • All projects should have an end date of no later than March 2021.

Proposal Outline:

  • Proposal title, name(s) and department(s) of principal investigator(s), start/end dates.
  • Objectives: Develop objectives that provide a basis for project outcomes.
  • Justification: Briefly describe how the proposed activity will enhance our knowledge about COVID-19 or about how to tackle medical, personal, social, economic, community or any other issues stemming from COVID-19.
  • Catalyst potential: Discuss how the successful application for funds will further your research or creative activity goals/agenda in terms of scholarship, collaboration with other faculty (at MU or elsewhere), future research grants and any larger research/creative endeavors (including any planned scholarship, creative work, or other end products).
  • Anticipated outcomes/products.
  • Budget: Include a budget of up to $2,500. These funds shall NOT be used as salary for faculty or students.
  • Proposal length should not exceed two pages, ideally one page with bullet points!
  • Submit proposal in electronic format to Trish Savage ( by Monday April 13, 2020, 12 pm.
  • For questions about this program, please contact Jill Kanaley at

2020-2021 Recipients

Awardee Dept. Project Title Amount
Suyeon Bae Architectural Studies Spatial obstacles for hospital professionals to overcome COVID-19 $2,500
Sarah Killoren, Nicole Campione-Barr and Amanda Rose Human Development and Family Science, Psychological Sciences Stress Related to COVID-19 and Adolescent Siblings’ Dyadic Coping $2,500
Antoinette Landor, Virginia Ramseyer Winter Human Development and Family Science, School of Social Work Dating during a Global Pandemic:Investigating the Impact of COVID-19 on Romantic Relationships, Sex, and Health $2,500
Kale Monk, Christine Proulx, Jeremy Kanter, MU HES alumnus Human Development and Family Science, Family and Consumer Sciences, Illinois State University The Influence of National Crises on Romantic Relationships and Mental Health $2,500
Virginia Ramseyer Winter, Antoinette M. Landor School of Social Work, Human Development and Family Science Body Image and Unhealthy Eating Behaviors: Examining Dieting and Binge Eating during COVID-19 $2,500
Russel Ravert Human Development and Family Science College Student Intentions to Accept COVID 19 Testing $2,500
Rachel Thibodeau, Francisco Palermo, Rachel White Human Development and Family Science Hamilton College, Department of Psychology Identifying Protective Factors for Children’s Development During a Period of School Disruption: A Longitudinal Investigation $2,500
Sarah Tlapek School of Social Work Strengthening protection for intimate partner violence survivors during COVID-19 through online social support groups $2,500
Song-yi Youn Textile and Apparel Management Feeling (dis)connected under the crisis of COVID-19: Effect of consumer experience during the pandemic on revenge shopping behavior after the pandemic $2,500