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Grant Submission: Best Practices and Resources

  • Give Notice: Communicate your intent to submit early. This allows our office to ensure coverage when it’s needed.
  • Proposal Development: Check with HES Research & Graduate Studies (R&GS) personnel if you need assistance with your text, the budget, and/or forms.
  • PeopleSoft Data Entry: All proposals submitted externally must be entered into the PeopleSoft database. Investigators should work with their departmental personnel or R&GS staff to complete the required electronic Proposal Signature Routing Sheet (PSRS). To make this process easier, R&GS has developed the HES Pre-Proposal Checklist as a tool to gather the necessary information to generate a PSRS.
  • Submit your Proposal: Documents needed for submission (assembled but unstapled):

    1. A signed PSRS that includes signatures of: the PI, all co-PI(s), their respective Department Chair(s) or equivalent, and their dean(s) if faculty from another college are involved in the proposal.
    2. A completed and signed Financial Disclosure Form for PIs, co-PI(s), and senior personnel on all NSF and NIH pre-proposals and proposals.
    3. Completed Subcontract Information Form, the Sub-recipient and Vendor Determination Checklist, and other necessary attachments, if grant involves subcontracts with other institutions or other outside entities.
    4. Paper or electronic copy of the sponsor’s proposal guidelines.
    5. Proposal: Include the required number of proposal copies, including one each for R&GS and the Office of Sponsored Programs Administration (OSPA).
  • R&GS Review: The PSRS for all proposals requires the signature of the Associate Dean for Research and Graduate Studies. To ensure this signature, a proposal needs to be submitted to the HES R&GS at least ten (10) full working days before it needs to be submitted to the University’s OSPA. OSPA requires 5 days before deadline as does R&GS. The R&GS office reviews the proposal for compliance with university and agency guidelines, for correctness of budget, and submits the proposal to the OSPA for submission.
  • Official Submission: As established in the MU Business Policy Manual, OSPA acts as the Authorized Organizational Representative (AOR) for the university and officially submits your proposal. As such, OSPA reviews all proposals and needs to receive a proposal at least five (5) working days before it is due to be submitted to the funding agency. After its review, OSPA submits the proposal to the agency (either electronically or in paper) and notifies PIs when their proposals have been submitted.


Proposal Submission Deadlines