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Grant Resources for New Faculty

  1. Sign up for funding alert notices from PIVOT and based on broad (#1 mistake is going too specific) keywords about the project.
  2. Meet with the departmental or divisional grant writer to discuss your science and get an overview of how to best work with a grant writer to get a proposal submitted.
  3. Each department has an established policy on Research Incentive Funds (RIF) and Grants and Contract Incentives (GCI). Discuss with other faculty and your chair to learn how these programs can benefit you and your research efforts.
  4. Getting to know potential collaborators on campus.
    1. Use web pages and/or service work opportunities to connect with faculty in other departments or colleges.
    2. Watch for guest speakers, seminars, and research meetings on relevant topics held on campus.
    3. Check with your grant writer. She might have suggestions or can generate some from connections on campus.
    4. Discuss potential collaborators with other faculty in your department.
  5. Identify potential sponsors and get to know their strategic plans and priorities in your first year. This will prepare you to develop a project that meets the agency’s priorities and to obtain funding.
  6. Obtain or update eRA Commons User ID (for NIH) and Fastlane registration (NSF).
    1. Generate (or associate your current User ID) at NIH. If you have a User ID already, please make note of that when completing the form.
    2. NSF registration
  7. Take compliance training as needed:
    1. Institutional Review Board (IRB) for research with human subjects
    2. Animal Care and Use Committee (ACUC)
    3. Biohazards training
    4. Financial Conflict of Interest (FCOI)
    5. Export Controls
  8. Read Planning

Chart of grant help flow