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Faculty International Travel (FIT) Grant

Faculty International Travel (FIT) awards provide partial support for travel to destinations outside the 50 United States for faculty to participate in professional meetings, give performances, or hold exhibitions. This award is intended for individuals who are giving research presentations, exhibitions or performances of major significance in an international context or who are contributing in important official capacities to meetings/forums of international significance. Please review the section titled “Criteria Used To Evaluate Applications” for review standards.

The maximum award an applicant can receive from the Faculty International Travel program is $1,000. It is expected that the total cost of the travel will be shared between the Home Department or Division and the Faculty International Travel grant funds. Support is available for lowest round trip airfare and other additional expenses related to the travel such as local transportation costs, hotel costs, and meals. Conference and registration fees are not covered by this program.

FIT funding will not be provided for travel to conferences or other venues organized and/or offered exclusively by for-profit entities. Invitations for departmental presentations at international institutions alone are not sufficient for funding under the FIT program, but they may be included as part of a valid international travel request.

  • Tenured, tenure-track and non-tenure track faculty in the College of Human Environmental Sciences.
  • There is a limit of one award to an individual within any 24-month period. An applicant can submit a new application for an event occurring 24 months after the previously awarded meeting, performance, or exhibition.
  • The University expects the applicant to remain a University employee for a minimum of one-year following completion of a funded award.
  • The travel must take places in calendar year 2020 (from January 1, 2020 to December 31, 2020)
April 27, 2020 May 14, 2020

**On a rare occasion, retroactive FIT support will be considered due to any late abstract acceptance notification (contact Dr. Jill Kanaley).

  • Submit the complete electronic copy of the application to the Associate Dean of Research and Graduate Studies, 118 Gwynn (
  • Applications should comprise the following:
  1. Narrative (Maximum 2 pages)
    Indicate length and type of presentation. If presentation is co-authored, indicate your specific role(s) at the meeting. Indicate if your presentation, exhibit or performance was invited.

    1. Indicate if the presentation was refereed and if so, what was/is the process of review and degree of selectivity.
    2. Indicate if a related paper is to be published and if so, in what kind of publication.
    3. Indicate the type of session or venue in which you will be presenting.
    4. Indicate the importance of the meeting, performance or exhibit to your discipline or research area and its international scope (e.g., international distribution of attendees).
    5. Explain the reasons for attending the meeting or giving the performance or exhibit and how it will impact your career. If your appointment includes no percent research, please include a letter of support from your department Chairperson that explains how the proposed activity will enhance your current appointment.
    6. If a performance or exhibit, give measures of the significance of the venue or commissioning body, stature of collaborators and/or reputation of curators or publishing/producing organization and level of involvement in the project (eg., is it an individual or group exhibit).
  2. Abstract of your paper (Maximum 1 page)
    Provide an abstract of your presentation or performance or exhibit.
  3. Support Materials
    This information should provide ample documentation of your visibility at the conference or other venue, the selectivity of the process used to accept the presentation, and the significance of the event.

    1. Include all relevant correspondence with event organizers.
    2. Provide information and documentation of the process through which you were selected (e.g., competitive abstract).
    3. Include a copy of the relevant portions of the program of the meeting, presentation, or exhibition, if available.
    4. Letter of support from the Department Chairperson.

  • Include details of anticipated expenses for travel (i.e. airfare, lodging, transportation, meals). Round all budget items to the nearest dollar. Conference or registration fees are not covered by this program. If the meeting organizers include the registration fees with hotel, meals and other expenses, then the applicant will need to ask the organizers to provide an itemized budget of the expenses.
  • The maximum award from Faculty International Travel program is $1,000.
  • It is the responsibility of the applicant to ensure that destination or project countries are not under any federal restrictions or embargoes.
  • Applicants should consult university policy in developing budget requests for travel expenses (
  • Provide information about any other funding sources available to support the international travel, including any personal sources that will be used.
  • Previous Internal Travel Support.

List names and dates of meetings attended, or performances or exhibits given in the last five years for which you received support as an award from the Faculty International Travel Fund.

All research must be conducted in compliance with Federal and University Regulations. Funds will not be released until notice of compliance approval is received in the Office of Research. A compliance approval letter or e-mail must be submitted to 118 Gwynn, Office of Research and Graduate Studies.

Proposals will be reviewed by a committee consisting of the Associate Dean for Research and Graduate Studies, HES Associate Dean for Extension, and possible outside evaluators with the following criteria.

  • Nature of Participation. Is the presentation, paper, exhibit or performance invited or refereed? If no presentation is being made, is the nature of the applicant’s participation fully described? Has the applicant clarified how her/his participation was determined? Is there evidence of a high level of selectivity?
  • Importance to Applicant’s Career and/or Field. Is attendance at the meeting important to applicant’s career or field? Is the applicant’s role and need to attend the conference or meeting clearly justified? Is there evidence that the applicant’s participation will be highly visible at this conference? Is there evidence that the applicant’s performance or exhibit will be highly visible at the forum/venue and will significantly advance the applicant’s career?
  • International Scope and Significance. Is there evidence that the meeting or forum is international in scope and is a major international gathering in this field?
  • Budget Justification & Previous Funding. Has the applicant obtained previous funding from the Faculty International Travel Fund or other internal travel programs? Has the applicant clearly researched and justified the necessary expenses for the conference or forum?