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Newly appointed HES Inclusion, Diversity, and Equity Fellow

Pam HintonDr. Pam Bruzina will serve as the HES Inclusion, Diversity, and Equity (IDE) Fellow, until August of 2022. Dr. Pam Bruzina earned her bachelor’s degree in Molecular Biology at the University of Wisconsin-Madison while a track and cross-country student-athlete. She continued her graduate education at Wisconsin, completing a doctoral degree in Nutritional Sciences. Following a postdoc in Maternal and Child Nutrition at Cornell University, Dr. Bruzina joined the Nutrition and Exercise Physiology faculty at Mizzou. Her research is focused on the effects of nutrition and physical activity on bone health, and she is currently examining the effects of xenoestrogens (e.g., BPA) on skeletal outcomes. Dr. Bruzina serves as Director of Graduate Studies for Nutrition. She is a member of the HES Appeals Committee and Chair of the HES Promotion and Tenure Committee, and she recently was appointed HES Representative to Faculty Council. Dr. Bruzina’ s campus-level service is centered on equity issues. She is the Chair of the Grievance Resolution Panel, and she serves on the Title IX Equity Resolution Panel. Dr. Bruzina was appointed Mizzou’s Faculty Athletics Representative to the NCAA and SEC in 2017. In her role as FAR, Dr. Bruzina is responsible for student-athlete welfare, academic integrity, and institutional control. Dr. Bruzina sits on the Intercollegiate Athletics Committee as Chair of the Compliance Subcommittee and she serves as Chair of the MU Student-Athlete Research Oversight Committee. Recently, Dr. Bruzina was appointed to the NCAA Committee on Competitive Safeguards and Medical Aspects of Sport (CSMAS) and serves as Chair of the Research Subcommittee and is a member of the Drug-Test Appeal Subcommittee.

When I asked why Dr. Bruzina, would like to serve in this role she stated, “I am excited about the opportunity to serve as HES Diversity and Inclusion Fellow. My goal is to work with Interim Dean Lohman and the HES IDE Task Force to move HES’s commitment to diversity, inclusion, and excellence from intention to action. I have experience working with groups of administrators, faculty, staff, and students to develop and grow belonging and equity. In our own college, I served on the HES IDE Task Force in 2019-2020. In my role as Faculty Athletics Representative, I am responsible for administration of the Athletics Staff Diversity and Inclusion Survey and development and implementation of responsive actions. I have also spent considerable effort working with athletics staff and faculty to increase belonging among student-athletes from underrepresented groups. I am a member of the recently formed Mizzou Athletics Committee on Inclusive Excellence (MACIE), which is working to increase diversity, inclusion, and equity within athletics and to partner with campus, including the Michael Middleton Center for Race, Citizenship and Justice, in doing so. I have also worked with student-athlete affinity groups in my role as organizer of MU’s plan for the SEC Voter Education and Participation Initiative. I see tremendous opportunity to grow diversity, equality and belonging within our HES family.”  Contact Dr. Bruzina if you would like to engage in our HES IDE efforts or have suggestions for the Task Force.