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Interchange - December 2018

Gwynn Hall

Grants & Contracts

In the period between July 1, 2018 and October 31, 2018, HES and HES Extension faculty and staff were principal investigators or project directors on a total of 28 grant proposals submitted to external funding agencies, totaling $7,370,126. During this same time, HES and HES Extension received 39 grant awards totaling $6,467,178.

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Publications & Presentations


  • Lu FanFan, L., & Chatterjee, S. (2018). Application of situational stimuli for examining the effectiveness of financial education: A behavioral finance perspective. Journal of Behavioral and Experimental Finance, 17, 68-75, available at
  • Abed RabbaniHeo, W., Grable, J. E., & Rabbani, A. G. (2018). A test of the relevant association between utility theory and subjective risk tolerance: Introducing the Profit-to-Willingness ratio. Journal of Behavioral and Experimental Finance. Available at
  • Jung Ha-BrookshireLee, S., Ha-Brookshire, J., & Chow, P. S. (2018). The moral responsibility of corporate sustainability as perceived by fashion retail employees: A U.S.-China cross-cultural comparison Study. Business Strategy and the Environment, 1-14.


  • Lu FanFan, L., & Chatterjee, S. (2018). “An examination of the influence of robo-advisors, online financial services, and other information sources on investment styles.” Academy of Financial Services Annual Conference, Chicago, IL.
  • Jung Ha-BrookshireWang, B., & Ha-Brookshire, J. (2018). Ready or not: Industry 4.0 in the textile and apparel industries. International Conference on Clothing.
  • Dalisha HerringYao, Z., Rabbani, A., & Herring, D. (2018). “Risk tolerance profile of cash value life insurance owners.” Academy of Financial Services Annual Conference, Chicago, IL.

On November 20, Associate Teaching Professor Michael Goldschmidt presented at the 8th International Conference on Energy and Environment of Residential Buildings in Wellington, New Zealand. Professor Goldschmidt presented on "Healthy Homes: Using Smartphone Apps for Stakeholders and Consumers," which is part of his recent work as Director of the National Healthy Homes Partnership.

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Michael Goldschmidt

Awards & Honors

Congratulations to Christina Wang!

Christina Wang, a master’s student in the Department of Personal Financial Planning, received the ANC Scholar Award, only one in the nation, which included $5,000 to be used toward educational expenses, complimentary registration, travel and hotel accommodations for the conference (valued at $1,800), enrollment in the Certified Retirement Counselor® (CRC®) certification program, materials and exams (valued at $900).

Christina Wang

Textile and Apparel Management 2018 International Textile and Apparel Association Awards

MU HES TAM was awarded 7 out of 47 awards at the 2018 ITAA conference this November in Cleveland, Ohio, including:

  • Student Best Paper Awards
    Doctoral Level 1st Place: Kim Johnson Best Doctoral Student Paper Award
    Dr. Saheli Goswami, now at the University of Rhode Island, Advisor: Dr. Jung Ha-Brookshire, University of Missouri, “Conceptualization, Scale Development, and Validation of Perceived Corporate Hypocrisy”
  • Doctoral Level 2nd Place:
    Sunhyung Cho, now at Iowa State University, Advisor: Dr. Kristen Morris, University of Missouri
    “Developing baseline design criteria for people with lower body mobility impairments using inclusive design”
  • Master Level 1st place:
    Dipali Modi, University of Missouri, Advisor: Li Zhao, University of Missouri, “Analyzing Twitter and Instagram social networks to trace consumer opinion regarding transparency in the apparel supply chain”

Dr. Li Zhao accepting Best Paper Award Master Level for Dipali Modi

Design Scholarship Awards

Creative and Innovative Employment of Techniques Award

Dr. Jean Parsons, Dr. Kristen Morris, University of Missouri, “Afterglow: An equitably designed trench coat”

Outcome of the Margaret W. Mangel Faculty Research Catalyst Fund: The research for ‘Afterglow’ was supported by the Margaret W. Mangel Faculty Research Catalyst Fund. The fund was established "to 'catalyze' new research initiatives that will grow into larger projects capable of being supported from sources external to the College."

About the Jacket: ‘Afterglow’ is an inclusively designed formal wear jacket which features a synthesis of digital printing and laser cutting techniques. The techniques were purposefully applied to enhance the wearability of the jacket for a range of users with upper-body mobility impairments.

Drs. Jean Parsons and Kristen Morris accepting Creative and Innovation Employment of Techniques Award

Intellect Books Research Award

Dr. Kristen Morris, Lida Aflatoony, University of Missouri; Dr. Angela Uriyo, now at West Virginia University; Sunhyung Cho, now at Iowa State University "Development of tactile garment design strategies for women with visual impairments."

Angela Uriyo, Kristen Morris, Lida Aflatoony, Sunhyung Cho

ATEXINC Award for Innovation in Textile Instruction

Dr. Kristen Morris, University of Missouri "Teaching the next generation of technical designers about cotton performance technologies through a problem-based learning project."

Paper of Distinction Textile and Apparel Industries Track

Dr. Li Zhao, University of Missouri; Dr. Chao Min; Nanjing University, “The rise of fashion informatics: Data-mining-based social network analysis in fashion.

Congratulations to our Textile and Apparel Management students, faculty and alumni for an outstanding showing at ITAA.

Dr. Kristen Morris accepting ATEXINC Award

Rikoon Receives 2018 Faculty-Alumni Award from MAA

On November 9, 2018, the Mizzou Alumni Association recognized Dean Sandy Rikoon with a Faculty/Alumni Award. Support for Dean Rikoon’s nomination came from Professor and Dean Emerita, Bea Smith, and Professor and Dean Emeritus, Steve Jorgensen, writing, ...the two of us, representing nearly four decades in MU’s College of Human Environmental Sciences deanship, take special pleasure in highlighting the accomplishments of Dr. Rikoon … in his role as an exemplary faculty member. Dr. Rikoon has distinguished himself as a national and international leader in multiple ways, while also having direct impact on the quality of life in Missouri, personifying the highest Land Grant ideals. Congratulations to Dean Rikoon on receiving one of the 51st Faculty-Alumni Awards.

Sandy Rikoon

Allen Recognized as the MAA 2018 Distinguished Service Recipient – 63rd Annual Award

Catherine A. Allen, BS HE ’68, DHL ’05, was recognized as a Distinguished Service Recipient on November 9, 2018. Cathy Allen has served the College of Human Environmental Sciences and the University of Missouri in a number of roles. In a nomination letter to the selection committee, Dean Sandy Rikoon wrote, Her entire life is marked by a quality of service to her profession, to her community, and to MU that we believe is likely unparalleled in its breadth, depth, and impact. Cathy Allen’s sustained efforts and support have added to the excellence of Mizzou in so many ways and have brought distinction to both her and to her alma mater. Congratulations to Cathy Allen on receiving this momentous award.

MAA Awards 2018

Catherine A. Allen

HES Research Awards

Proposal Enhancement Support Awards were issued in late August and November, which include the following:

Sarah KillorenProposal Title: Understanding the Long-Term Effects of Stress on Youth Development and Mental Health Outcomes among Recently Arrived Latino/a Adolescents and Parents

Principal Investigator: Fiorella L. Carlos Chavez, Ph.D.
CO-PIs: Sarah E. Killoren, Ph.D., Gustavo Carlo, Ph.D.

Proposal Title: Bilingual Preschoolers’ Neural Processing Capacities and their Language and Literacy Skills in English and Spanish

Francisco PalermoPrincipal Investigators:
Francisco Palermo (Assistant Professor, Human Development and Family Science),
Irma Arteaga (Associate Professor, Truman School of Public Affairs),
Roxana Botezatu (Assistant Professor, Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences).
Miriam Martinez (Assistant Research Professor, Human Development and Family Science,
Center for Family Policy and Research Director)

Deadlines for Internal Funding Opportunities include:

  • Deadlines are throughout March beginning March 1 for: SLCR, ALMs, Mangel, and PURE.
  • Deadline for FIT is end of April.

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Mission: The College of Human Environmental Sciences addresses human needs and enhances individual and family life in a diverse and global society by conducting advanced research, preparing professionals and providing outreach.
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