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Interchange - December 15, 2017

Gwynn Hall

Grants & Contracts

In the period between July 1, 2017 and October 31, 2017, HES and HES Extension faculty and staff were principal investigators or project directors on a total of 30 grant proposals submitted to external funding agencies, totaling $10,288,481. During this same time, HES and HES Extension received 26 grant awards totaling $9,633,482.

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Award Winning Faculty

The College of Human Environmental Sciences boasts award winning faculty.

Jacqueline LimbergMost recently, Dr. Jacqueline Limberg, Assistant Professor in Nutrition and Exercise Physiology, received the Penaz-Wesseling Award. She gave an oral presentation and accepted the award at the 28th International Symposium on the Autonomic Nervous System in Clearwater Beach, Florida on November 2, 2017. Her presentation was entitled "Muscle sympathetic nerve activity is not altered by experimental sleep restriction in healthy humans."

Steve BallDr. Stephen D. Ball, Professor in Nutrition and Exercise Physiology, won the UPCEA Central Region Excellence in Teaching Award. The University Professional and Continuing Education Association (UPCEA) is a non-profit association for professional, continuing, and online higher education. It was established in 1915 and has more than 400 member institutions. The award was presented at a conference in Detroit, Michigan, October 18-20, 2017.

Kristen MorrisDr. Kristen D. Morris, Assistant Professor in Textile and Apparel Management, received two awards from the International Textile and Apparel Association at the annual conference in St. Petersburg, Florida, on November 18, 2017. Her awards are the 2017 Claire Shaeffer Award for Outstanding marketable Design – Professional Level for Luminosity: High Visibility Apparel for Runners; and, the other award is EFI/Optitex 2017 Best Use of EFI Optitex in School, which was received for student work showcased in the TAM product development course curriculum.

Cynthia CrawfordDr. Cynthia Crawford, Extension Professor, Personal Financial Planning, who received the Carl N. Scheneman Excellence in Teaching Award at the 2017 MU Extension Summit October 2017. The award recognizes a University of Missouri Extension faculty member for planning, conducting and evaluating one extension educational activity conducted in the past year.

We are proud of the accomplishments of our diverse and talented faculty who advance the College’s mission. HES addresses human needs and enhances individual and family life in a diverse and global society by conducting advanced research, preparing professionals and providing outreach.

Steve Ball speaking at ceremony
Dr. Steve Ball speaking at awards ceremony.

Kristen Morris accepting award
Dr. Kristen D. Morris with Sunhyung Cho, second place recipient of the 2017 Fashion Supplies Innovative Design Award

College Inaugurates Faculty Scholars Program

The College of Human Environmental Sciences named the first group of HES Faculty Scholars. For the next two years, these individuals will carry named titles and receive additional resources to support their research.

The first group of HES Faculty Scholars has been made possible by donors who have established endowments in support of faculty. "The HES Faculty Scholars program represents the perfect union between our amazing faculty and the generosity of our donors and supporters," said Sandy Rikoon, Dean of HES. "A key strength of our college is the excellence of our faculty, and it is contributions to the college from our alumni and friends that allow us to recruit and retain the best faculty in the country."

Selected by unit leaders and other advisors, HES Faculty Scholars are designated either Research Scholars or Teaching Scholars. Research Scholar awards recognize the demonstration of research excellence and plans for research production and productivity over the two years of the award. Teaching Scholar awards are for individuals who have demonstrated excellence in the classroom and scholarly contributions to pedagogy or other dimensions of educational scholarship.

Dr. Bimal BalakrishnanDr. Bimal Balakrishnan
Associate Professor, Architectural Studies
Norman and Marilyn Pick HES Research Scholar

Dr. Kelli CanadaDr. Kelli Canada
Assistant Professor, School of Social Work
Hazel M. Hatcher HES Research Scholar

Dr. Jung Ha-BrookshireDr. Jung Ha-Brookshire
Associate Professor, Textile and Apparel Management
Hazel M. Hatcher HES Research Scholar

Dr. Ashlie LesterDr. Ashlie Lester
Assistant Teaching Professor, Human Development and Family Science
Norman and Marilyn Pick HES Teaching Scholar

Dr. Jaume PadillaDr. Jaume Padilla
Assistant Professor, Nutrition and Exercise Physiology
Loren Dilsaver HES Research Scholar

Dr. Rui YaoDr. Rui Yao
Associate Professor, Personal Financial Planning
Loren Dilsaver HES Research Scholar

HES Staff Council Organized

On September 15, 2017, Dean Sandy Rikoon, in response to the Campus Climate survey, asked HES Staff about forming a College of Human Environmental Sciences staff organization to include, as he wrote, "ALL STAFF—hourly-paid staff, monthly-paid salary staff, research staff, Extension staff, grant-supported staff, student advisors, fiscal staff . . . ALL STAFF."

The initial meeting was held on October 13 in Gwynn Lounge. Discussion included formation of the organization, bylaws, committees, and events, to name a few topics. About 20 staff members attended and discussed the group’s functions and how it would operate, with some volunteering to begin gathering information about how other college-wide staff organizations work. The group will offer guidance to the Dean and contribute to the social well-being of the entire college. Minutes will be saved to the P:Drive in a secure location.

Leona Nichols says, "We are very excited to launch the inaugural HES Staff Council as a voice for staff and a way to contribute to the well-being of the College. We certainly appreciate the support shown by HES Dean Sandy Rikoon."

Staff who currently hold positions of leadership in the fledgling organization are:

  • Chair - Leona Nichols, Business Support Specialist II, Textile and Apparel Management
  • Vice Chair - Julia Moore, Child Development Teacher, Child Development Laboratory, Human Development and Family Science
  • Secretary - Brenda Bestgen, Administrative Assistant, Human Development and Family Science/Extension

Leona Nichols
Leona Nichols

The first meeting was held on November 16 and volunteers signed up for the following committees:

By-Laws Committee

  • Victoria Shahan
  • Marianne Jones
  • Julie Shea
  • Trish Savage

Recognition/Spotlight Committee

  • Brenda York
  • Carla Jerome Beckman

Special Events/Social Committee

  • Lori Bemis
  • Margee Stout
  • Julia Moore
  • Trish Savage
  • Stacy Colley
  • Amy Sanders

Program/Professional Development Committee

  • Needs volunteers

HES Doctoral Student Association Formed

The Human Environmental Sciences Doctoral Student Association (HESDSA) was recently created to promote the exchange of professional knowledge and collaboration among all graduate students in all disciplines in the College, to encourage its members to participate in research and continuing educational opportunities in their specific discipline and in other disciplines within HES, to present their research at national and/or international conferences and professional meetings, and to provide activities that facilitate meaningful interactions among the members and celebrate the diversity of the HES graduate students. The application to be recognized as an official student organization by the Office of Student Life is under review with the following inaugural officers: Dalisha Herring, CFP®, President/Secretary (Personal Financial Planning); Dawn Van Scoik, Vice President (Architectural Studies); James Hofenblatt, Treasurer (Architectural Studies). The group recently hosted a social gathering for members to get to know each other. Plans are in the works to host a workshop early in the spring semester to encourage collaboration among doctoral students across all HES disciplines.

Dalisha Herring
Dalisha Herring, CFP®

HES Internal Research Funding Opportunities

The College has several opportunities for research funding for 2018. Be sure to check for the latest deadlines, many of which will be in March 2018. Check your email for a call for proposals from the Associate Dean for Research and Graduate Studies.

Programs include:

  • Service Learning Course Re-design Grant (SLCR)
  • Margaret Wilson Mangel Research Catalyst Fund (geared toward those making their first attempts to secure major external research grant funding)
  • Program for Undergraduate Research Experiences (PURE)
  • Advancing the Lives of Missourians (ALMs) Research Grant
  • Seeding Interdisciplinary Research Collaboration (SIRC)

Emergency Procedures

On October 18, 2017, on the MU White Campus there was an active threat, suicidal subject alert that involved locking down Gwynn/Stanley/Stanley addition and other buildings. Consequently, you may wish to review the procedures for emergency situations in your building and your responsibilities in that regard. A copy of the procedures for Gwynn/Stanley/Stanley Addition can be found on the Resources and Support page. Please review the campus MU Alert and sign up for notifications, which can be received on cell phones or computer. The Emergency Beacons in the corridors of the complex will activate in an emergency situation. If we are faced again with an active threat situation, the complex will go on lock down. Our policies were updated following the incidence at Sandy Hook and after the renovation of Gwynn Hall in 2014. In general, each individual is responsible for insuring their safety and assisting those in their immediate surroundings and those who have special needs with emergency evacuation. We are all Primary Unit Coordinators and all Building Emergency Managers as one never knows who will actually be on campus. This ensures that no one person is responsible for managing the emergency evacuation for your immediate location.

Since HES units are spread out through multiple facilities, it is suggested that each department/school review the evacuation plans for your building(s). If you have not participated in Active Threat Training, the campus police offers training throughout the year.

Mission: The College of Human Environmental Sciences addresses human needs and enhances individual and family life in a diverse and global society by conducting advanced research, preparing professionals and providing outreach.
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