Ambassadors/Peer Mentoring

The HES Ambassadors serve as peer advisors who can assist students who want to get involved in the College of Human Environmental Sciences; help navigate myZou; offer a student perspective about HES programs; explain general education and other degree requirements; and connect students with other campus resources. HES Ambassadors also are a resource for incoming freshman or transfer students interested in learning more about the programs within the College of Human Environmental Sciences.

E-mail with questions or to schedule an appointment with a peer advisor.

Back Left to Right: Logan Sullivan (PFP), Kelsi Schroeder (HDFS), Becki Ernst (NEP); Front Left to Right: Ainsley Jones (ARCHST), Sara Grahn-Nilsson (SSW), Jordyn Williams (TAM)

Ainsley Jones @HESARCHAmb

Ainsley JonesMajor and Year: Architectural Studies, Interior Design, Senior
Best part about MU:: I love that Mizzou is very tradition-oriented. Anywhere you go on campus, there is bound to be a tradition associated with that place. My favorite tradition has to be riding the tiger or rubbing David R. Francis’ nose!
Best part about HES: I really enjoy how close knit and friendly the different departments from the College of HES are. There has never been a time where I haven’t felt welcomed by someone in the college!
Plans after graduation:: I would like to become an interior designer for commercial spaces like hotels, restaurants, and bars.

Kelsi Schroeder @HESHDFSAmb

Kelsi SchroederMajor and Year: Human Development and Family Science, Child Life Specialist, Senior
Best part about MU:: The thing I like most about MU is how inclusive the environment is.
Best part about HES: The uniqueness of the college. All of the majors within HES are so neat on their own, but it’s interesting to see how they relate to one another through our college mission.
Plans after graduation: When I graduate, I want to travel to different states to see where I want to settle down (and become a Child Life Specialist).

Becki Ernst @HESNEPAmb

Becki ErnstMajor and Year: Nutrition and Exercise Physiology, Human Physiology and Translational Science, Senior
Favorite Mizzou/HES Experience: One of my favorite Mizzou/HES experiences was when my parents flew into town from GA to surprise me on Tap Day when I was the one supposed to be surprising them! I almost cried when I saw my Dad, an alum, cheering in the audience.
Best part about HES: The community. Because HES is a smaller college I have been able to really get to know not only my faculty, but faculty within other departments and the college as a whole.
Plans after graduation: I will start medical school at MU!

Logan Sullivan @HESPFPAmb

Logan SullivanMajor and Year: Personal Financial Planning, Personal Financial Planning CFP program, Senior
Favorite Mizzou/HES Experience: One of my favorite Mizzou/HES experiences was when: I got to witness the Solar Eclipse at Tiger Traditions Plaza with thousands of other of Mizzou students. Mizzou hosted a huge watch party and it was an amazing experience. Not to mention that Columbia was in the perfect spot to watch the Eclipse.
Best part about HES: How personal classes in the program are. In a lot of entry level classes or even upper level classes in huge programs, the teacher to student ratio is well over 100. At HES, the classes are smaller which I think allows for a better learning atmosphere for students because they feel more personally connected to their instructor’s and classmates.
Plans after graduation: First backpack around different countries in Europe while I still have the chance. Once I do that, then I will hopefully get a job with a Financial Planning firm and sit for the CFP.

Sara Grahn-Nilsson

Sara Grahn-NilssonMajor and Year: Social Work BSW Program, Junior
Favorite Mizzou/HES Experience: I studied abroad in Costa Rica for 2 weeks for part of my Spanish minor.
Best part about HES: The genuine and personal connections and friendships that result from a small, hardworking college.
Plans after graduation: Obtain my MSW and work in a hospital (hopefully women’s and children’s) working with discharge planning, mental health counseling, and trauma.

Jordyn Williams @HESTAMAmb

Jordyn WilliamsMajor and Year: Textile and Apparel Management, Apparel Retailing and Digital Merchandising, Sophomore
Best part about MU: My program. I feel the TAM program does an amazing job of preparing students for the industry. I also love that all the professors are super nice, knowledgeable, and talented.
Best part about HES: Everyone is very welcoming and willing to help. There is a true sense of community and family among each program.
Plans after graduation: Have a strong career on the business side of fashion and then branch off from there.

Every spring the Ambassadors host high school seniors who have been admitted into the College of Human Environmental Sciences at an event called “A Day in the Life.” The purpose of this event is to show students what campus life is really like, so that they can make an informed decision about attending Mizzou the next fall. During the two-day event, these prospective students will visit Columbia, hear from a student panel, as well as participate in social and recreational activities. They will discover:

  • the undergraduate experience at Mizzou and in HES
  • HES’s quality faculty
  • classes within their chosen major
  • the social culture of the Mizzou Campus
  • the avenues for involvement
  • leadership and mentoring
  • a support system away from home
  • the importance of residence hall experiences


Registration for Day in the Life 2021 will open in Fall 2020. Contact the HES Student Services Office for more information (