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Future Students - Why Choose HES?

The College of Human Environmental Sciences at the University of Missouri is a college of more than 1,400 undergraduate and more than 400 graduate students located on a campus of approximately 35,000 students. Students are able to take advantage of all the great opportunities available on a large campus, while still maintaining an identity in a mid-sized unit in the College.

  • HES is a medium-sized college with a personalized focus on students' total development. Our graduates rate our advisors' interest in their professional growth and well-being very highly.
  • HES faculty have earned national and international research reputations while building programs that are valued by private citizens, government, business and industry, as well as human services agencies.
  • HES offers students real world experience.
  • HES offers numerous scholarships and awards.
  • HES offers many student organizations, which provide leadership experiences. There is an organization for every major, as well as college-wide student groups.
  • HES has a contemporary land-grant orientation with campus and extension programs reinforced by strong research.
  • Graduates from HES find jobs in the nation's fastest growing employment sectors.


  • KeLa Allen"I chose HES because of the close relationships I've built with the faculty, and I really feel at home interacting with the department. I chose Child Development because I love seeing children's growth and creating positive interactions with the parents."
  • Leah Donahue"I liked how HES is small enough to get to know everyone personally. I chose Social Work, because it provided me with the tools to facilitate positive change in people's lives."
  • Brandon Easley"I chose HES for the people who are part of HES. From my first visit, everyone from the faculty to the students has been helpful with telling me where things are and what I need to know. HES isn't just another college on campus, it's the best collage on campus!"
  • Becki Ernst"Coming from rural Missouri, I wanted the opportunities that came with attending a large university but didn't want to sacrifice the support system I had in a small town. HES had given me the attention a small school provides while offering incredible Mizzou Made experiences."
  • Yaqi Fang"This has been a very special opportunity for me to study abroad. I love helping people make good decisions about their finances by applying my knowledge in reality."
  • David Gauci"I've always been passionate about health and wellness, and the Dietetics program gives me the opportunity to turn that passion into a career. Professors and peers in NEP have cultivated an environment that not only allows me to thrive as a student but also gives me the confidence to believe in a healthier future."
  • Rachel Grayson"I am a people person. In social, academic, and work environments, I strive to create and foster relationships. Our college may be small, but we are family. Success is attainable with a strong support system, and HES is my support system."
  • Rachel Guse"Through the opportunities HES has provided, I have been able to make friendships that will last a lifetime. I am proud to say that HES has become my family, and Mizzou is my second home. MIZ!"
  • Chelsey Harrell"I knew I wanted to pursue an education in fashion, and as a TAM student, I've grown as an individual and learned about the fashion industry firsthand. With the support of HES, I was even able to intern for Anne Klein in London. As graduation approaches, I am confident that my TAM and HES family has prepared me for life outside of Mizzou."
  • Lena Howard"I knew that I would end up doing something that I really enjoy. I have been able to network and build relationships with the faculty, peers, and professionals that wouldn't have gotten in any other program."
  • Ben Jarzombek"The smaller department size of TAM and the HES faculty won me over immediately. I feel that I have a vast amount of academic resources at my disposal, and HES/TAM allows me to explore my passion for apparel design and the fashion industry."
  • Ainsley Jones"HES makes a big campus feel small. There is a strong sense of community within the college which makes me feel welcomed and at home. You are constantly surrounded by supportive peers, faculty, and staff!"
  • Jose Lopez"I do not know a better way to make a difference in someone's life. Through Social Work, I can work directly with the individual and their family to meet their goals and make their lives more comfortable. I want to bring hope to the hopeless, and I know Social Work can equip me with the tools to do this."
  • Linsey Winkler"I am passionate about helping others with their financial well-being. PFP and HES combined will allow me to have a career while following my passion."
  • Adia Woodson"I chose HES because the faculty and my fellow students are supportive and understanding. Within HDFS, there is a commitment to solving societal problems by spreading knowledge about issues that affect all people."

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Contact an Undergraduate Advisor

Carla Jerome Beckmann
Coordinator of Student Services & Records
106C Gwynn Hall
Phone: (573) 882-6423

Alex Embree
Student Services Coordinator
106B Gwynn Hall
Phone: (573) 882-0673

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