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Welcome Letter from the President

Greetings from your HES Alumni Board!

Tootie BurnsOur Alumni are as diverse as our college and far-flung across the country and world. Please take advantage of our HES website, Facebook, Instagram and follow us on Twitter to keep up with HES Alumni, Faculty and friends.

I am pleased to serve as President of our HES Alumni Organization. It provides me with a front-row seat to watch our College grow and thrive and watch our amazing students learn new skills and achieve new heights. I continue to be amazed at the commitment, dedication, and excellence of our faculty. They continue to provide rich educational and industry skills for increasing college enrollment. In 2018 Graduate Student enrollment has increased by 15% from the previous year, and undergraduate enrollment continues to grow. Led by our Interim Dean Brenda Lohman, HES continues to be a leader across the country in our degree programs.

I urge you to stay connected with our college and Mizzou! Our board welcomes suggestions and updates from alumni and enjoys sharing the successes and special moments with you. Please follow our HES events calendar and join us in our activities that support our student population and allow us to celebrate HES.

I look forward to hearing from you (or better yet, seeing you!) at one of our 2018-2019 activities!

Tootie Burns BS HES ‘89

To join the HES Alumni Organization, please visit the Mizzou Alumni Association.

Mizzou Alumna Draws Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Support to Build a Healthier America

Ashton ChapmanAshton Chapman, an alumna of the University of Missouri (Ph.D., Human Environmental Sciences), has been selected to participate in a Robert Wood Johnson Foundation leadership development program designed to equip leaders across the country — in every sector and field — to collaborate, break down silos, and use their influence to make communities healthier and more equitable.

Specifically, Chapman was selected to participate in the Culture of Health Leaders program. Designed for people from all sectors — from technology and business to architecture and urban planning — Culture of Health Leaders fosters cross-sector collaboration. The program enables participants to remain in their homes and jobs and directly apply everything they learn to improve policy and practice in their communities and organizations.

Chapman is currently a postdoctoral research associate in human development and family studies at Iowa State University and associate director of research and engagement for the ISU Translational Research Network, familiarly known as U-TuRN. The transdisciplinary U-TuRN network aims to bridge science with practice through community-engaged scholarship. The network is building sustainable systems that empower communities to take science-based actions that enable healthier lifestyles for all.

As a member of the Culture of Health Leaders program’s newest cohort, Chapman’s work will focus on ways to improve the social and emotional health of older adults and their families in rural America. As part of the program, she will also:

  • Benefit from high-caliber curricula and coaching from national leaders.
  • Collaborate with other cutting-edge thinkers to create greater impact.
  • Accelerate her ability to build healthy communities, inform public opinion and policy, and contribute significantly to building a culture of health.

Key contacts:

Ashton Chapman, a postdoctoral research associate in human development and family studies and associate director of research and engagement for the Translational Research Network, Iowa State University, 417-529-7995

Dr. Ruth Brent Tofle Establishes First HES Scholarship for Missouri 4-H Members

Dr. Ruth Brent TofleDr. Ruth Brent Tofle has established the Tofle-Brent-Stumpe Family 4-H Scholarship in honor of her own 4-H experience and in memory of her brother Lester Stumpe and parents Clarence and Dorothy Stumpe of Franklin County. The scholarship will support current or former Missouri 4-H members enrolled or planning to enroll in the MU College of Human Environmental Sciences, with a preference for students enrolled in Architectural Studies.

“During the Great Depression, my mother won the American Royal Grand Champion Award for her 4-H steer, which allowed her to get a college degree,” said Dr. Tofle. “Her gratitude to 4-H was displayed in starting the first 4-H club in the small Franklin County town of Washington, Mo., and in being a life-long 4-H leader until her passing at 93 years of age.”

“It’s my turn to ‘pay it forward’ to benefit Missouri 4-H’ers with a college scholarship. I’m smiling and so is my mother.” – Dr. Tofle

Dr. Tofle credits her mother’s commitment to 4-H with much of her own success as a member. “At our charter 4-H meeting, I was elected vice president. Our local newspaper published this photo of officers and I’m the short kid in the center. I was 10 years old,” she said, sharing a photo published at the time in the local newspaper.

After earning her BS from MU in the College of Human Environmental Sciences and completing her graduate work at the University of Minnesota, she returned to MU as a faculty member at the age of 29. Once again, she was a leader at a young age. Three years later she began service as a University of Missouri department chairperson and served on the Missouri 4-H Foundation Board of Trustees for many years. This year, Dr. Tofle will conclude 34 continuous years as department chair of Architectural Studies. She explains, “It’s my turn to ‘pay it forward’ to benefit Missouri 4-H’ers with a college scholarship. I’m smiling and so is my mother.”

“This generous gift is a testament to Dr. Tofle’s commitment to helping young people in Missouri prepare for and succeed in college and their careers,” said Rachel Augustine, Missouri 4-H Foundation director. “As the cost of higher education continues to climb, college scholarships are becoming essential to the majority of students. We are so grateful to Dr. Tofle for giving back to 4-H in this way.”

This is the first scholarship at MU to support 4-H members in HES. It is also the first Missouri 4-H Foundation scholarship that will be available to students pursuing graduate education. It is one of nearly 70 college scholarships that the Missouri 4-H Foundation awards each year to current or former 4-H youth throughout the state.