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MU E-mail Account Guidelines

Eligibility for an employee account is a function of your job title in the Human Resources system. If you are active in the Human Resources system as an employee (and not a student) you get an employee account. If you are both an employee and a student – regardless of how many hours you work or how many credit hours you are taking – you get an employee account if your job title specifies you should have one. You keep a student account if your job title is defined by HR as a student position. Any student that is not also employed by the University has to have a student mail account.

This is also governed by the University Human Resources system. The primary organization through which you are paid determines whether you have a campus account, a UM Health account, etc.

An account is automatically selected for deletion based on the person’s status in the MU human resources system. Each morning the e-mail system communicates with the HR system to find ‘inactive’ accounts, meaning you show as no longer employed by the University. The account deletion process begins with a warning e-mail sent to your e-mail address. 14 days after the warning e-mail message the account is ‘locked’, meaning you can no longer log into it, but the contents haven’t been destroyed yet. 21 days after that it will be permanently deleted from the University mail system. So the entire deletion process takes 5 weeks from the time that the campus mail system sends you an initial warning. If you ever receive a notice that your account is scheduled to be deleted and believe that this is in error, contact the HR representative for your department immediately.

You can arrange a courtesy appointment so that a research colleague, visiting scholar, etc. can access University resources. Some of these resources would be an e-mail account, logging onto computers at MU, accessing campus wi-fi and accessing MU library resources. Courtesy appointments are free and only require that your department’s Human Resources representative submit a request after approval by your department chair.

Your pawprint is automatically generated by the mail system at the time your account is created, based on a set of rules using your last name, initials, etc. to guarantee that everyone in the UM System has a unique pawprint. Because of this there is no choice in your official pawprint.