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Microsoft Office for Personal Laptop/Computer

Yes, Microsoft offers the Home Use Program for all employees of the University of Missouri as an option to buy a heavily discounted copy of Microsoft Office. To be eligible you must have an MU employee e-mail address. Students are not eligible unless they work in a position that Human Resources has defined as requiring an employee email address. Here is information from DoIT on how to sign up:

“By enrolling in HUP, employees are entering a software license agreement directly with Microsoft, not the University of Missouri. This special offer is for current employees, and HUP license agreements expire when employment is terminated with the University. Interested employees must use their campus email to validate their eligibility through Upon registration with Cherwell Portal, employees will receive an email message with a link and authorization code needed to complete the transaction with Microsoft.”

If you run into any problems with the Home Use Program, you can contact Microsoft directly at (877) 248-1220.