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Instructional Design and Technology

What is Instructional Design?

Instructional designers focus on developing instruction using effective practices while adhering to researched-based pedagogical strategies in course design, teaching and learning. Additionally, designers work to implement and leverage appropriate learning technologies into all course formats to increase student engagement and knowledge retention.

Instructional Designers are committed to the following goals:

  • Developing and cultivating relationships with all faculty, graduate and teaching instructors in HES.
  • Recommending sustainable teaching strategies and educational technology choices that are realistic, manageable, and support the learning objectives in your course.
  • Providing practical experience to help faculty become skilled and confident in their instructional technology solutions and teaching strategies.
  • Facilitate and manage connections with campus resources to help fill your teaching needs.

Why Meet with an Instructional Designer?

  • Explore teaching and learning strategies
  • Change or improve an aspect of your teaching
  • Expand or enhance your course
  • Quality Matters Pre-Reviews
  • Begin the online course development process
  • Assignment brainstorming and creation
  • Create a blended or flipped course
  • Explore Bloom’s Taxonomy to address higher order and critical thinking
  • Align learning resources, activities and assessments to learning objectives
  • Discuss the opportunity for new course developments

Contact Information

Julie Shults
Instructional Designer
139 Heinkel Building
(573) 882-1473