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Gwynn Lounge Audio Visual Equipment Guide

Note: Cables have been properly connected /configured to the TV and the wall. Please do not disconnect any cables from TV and/or from the wall.

wall outletTurn on the TV

Press the POWER button on the wall plate, located on the lower right side of the TV, or

remote controlUse the TV remote and press its green POWER button.

Choose the Input Source

Use “INPUT” button on the TV remote or the wall plate to select “HDMI 1” or “HDMI 2”.

TV ScreenUse HDMI 1 for: PC in the cabinet, or Your laptop with HDMI cable.

Use HDMI 2 for: Wireless Display connection with Windows laptop.

Use the PC in the Cabinet

  • It is a Dell Optiplex 7010 PC inside the cabinet. Turn it on first and set the wireless mouse and keyboard on the table. You may want to use the mouse pad. Use “HDMI 1” on the TV.
  • Use the following account to logon, which is preconfigured for all the correct video conference settings

Use your Laptop

  • with “wireless display” (Windows 10 laptop only)
    After logging on your laptop, press “Window Logo” Key and “p”, choose “Connect to a wireless display”. Select “Gwynn_Lounge” to project both video and audio to the TV. Use “HDMI 2” on the TV.
  • with HDMI cable
    Connect your laptop with the HDMI cable available on the left wall beside the TV. Use “HDMI 1” on the TV.  Your laptop should automatically show on the TV. If the HDMI cable is not on the wall, check inside the cabinet.

Use the Webcam

To use the webcam for a web conference, remove the webcam (on a tripod) from the cabinet and unreel the wire as you place the tripod anywhere in the room (maximum 50 ft). The webcam is already connected to the computer inside the cabinet.

You can adjust the volume of the speakers through the wall plate controller buttons and the volume control built into Windows.

The wall-mounted conference microphone can be lifted off the wall mount and placed in the middle of the table but the wire must stay connected to it.

When finished, please recoil the webcam cable and place the tripod back to the cabinet. Please stuff the wire for the microphone back through the hole in the wall if you move the microphone to the table.