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Back up Files

If you have a computer assigned solely to you (not shared with others) and you have an MU employee pawprint you can use the HES server to backup your files. If you don’t meet these criteria (if you share a computer or have a student pawprint) you should use an external hard drive or large memory stick to keep a backup of all your data.

To Run the HES Backup

Open the Computer icon on your desktop. Double click on the HES-Data…(P:) icon. Scroll through all the folder icons until you get to a shortcut labeled BackupMyData.

screen shot of P drive


When you double-click on this icon it will launch a window like the one pictured below. To backup your data just click the “OK” button. NOTE: if you want to recover a file or folder from your backup, type the number 2 in the window first then click the OK button.

data backup recovery window


After you click “OK” a black window with white letters will open and begin scrolling through your files as it backs them up.

screen shot

When it finishes you will see a “Backup Complete” message at the bottom of that window. If you press any key on your keyboard it will close the window and complete the backup process.

If you have never run the backup before or haven’t run it in a long time it may take as long as a couple of hours to complete. If you run it every week it will only take a few minutes each time as it only backs up whatever has changed since the last time you backed up.

Please note that this backup program only backs up files you have stored in the following places:

All the folders and files you create out on your windows desktop

All the folders and files contained in your personal data area on your computer (e.g. My Documents, My Pictures, My Videos, etc.)

It does not backup any files you save in other places, such as folders created out in the root of the local hard drive, documents you save on removable hard drives and memory sticks, documents saved out on servers or cloud services.

To Restore Data

When you click on the BackupMyData link you will see a brief flash of a small black window and then the window you normally get to through the ‘Computer’ icon on your desktop, as seen below.

screen shot


Double click on this link to open your backup.

screen shot


And this window opens.

screen shot


You should see only one folder with your paw print as the folder name. When you double click that folder it opens to the folders containing your data.

screen shot

Simply locate the data you need to restore and drag it back into the appropriate place on your computer, on the desktop or in your My Documents or other folder.