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HES Minors & Certificates


Department minors provide students with the opportunities to pursue, within a single academic area, a coherent course of study that is more limited (15 hours) than a full major, yet more coherent than a random selection of courses. Department minors are transcripted, restricted to degree-seeking students and may include course prerequisites or GPA requirements in addition to a 15-hour core of courses within the department. The degree and the minor must be awarded simultaneously.


Transcripted undergraduate certificate programs provide students with the opportunity to pursue educational objectives beyond those normally associated with an academic major or minor. The defining curriculum may, for example, enable students to pursue a more applied approach to the subject matter than is available through a major or minor. The degree and certificate must be awarded at the same time. Undergraduate certificates may include course prerequisites and a GPA requirement in addition to a curricular core of at least 12 hours. At least 12 hours of the curricular core is to be completed through MU coursework. Certificate programs may be developed within a single department, a college or school, or a combination of academic unites in a manner similar to minors.

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