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Vanguard: News from the College of Human Environmental Sciences

HES Week 2017 Awards

Posted: May 9, 2017

HES Week is a time for us as a college community to take the time to recognize the outstanding contributions of our distinguished alumni, faculty, staff and students. This year’s HES Week Awards Reception, held on April 18 in Gwynn Lounge, had nearly 75 people in attendance and eleven outstanding individuals were recognized for their achievements.

New Professional Award: Lauren Bauer

This year’s New Professional Award recipient was Lauren Bauer, who earned her bachelor’s degree in Personal Financial Planning in 2015 and was extremely active in the department when she was here. She served as a counselor in the Office for Financial Success, was a VITA tax preparer, and a financial counselor at the MU Family Impact Center, as well as, Vice President of the Financial Planning Association.

Lauren was able to show true initiative when she achieved the Certified Financial Planner (CFP®) designation, which is the gold standard of financial planners, before the age of 24. Lauren currently works for Triad Financial Advisors, a small registered investment advisor firm, in Greensboro, North Carolina. She quickly advanced from entry level Client Associate to Financial Advisor within the short time that she has been there and is currently one of the 7 CFPs at the firm. 

Lauren Bauer accepting award

Lauren is also very active in the Greensboro community where she lives. She is a member of the Junior League of Greensboro and a board member for the Dance Project, which makes the art of dance available to low income students at a free or greatly reduced cost.

Citation of Merit: Cynthia Adams Francis

Cynthia earned her bachelor’s degree in Interior Design in 1982 and since then, she has always been a leader in design. When Architectural Studies faculty select the incoming class to begin the professional interior design program, a scholarship is awarded to the student with the most outstanding portfolio demonstrating the highest merit. Cynthia was the winner of this endowed scholarship when she began her studies in interior design and she has been a leader in the field ever since.

Cynthia is the Director of Interior Design at The Austin Company, a global design, engineering and construction firm in St. Louis, where she specializes in health care design…a very rigorous, detailed, and demanding area. Cynthia is a leader in both her creative conceptual development and implementation, but also a leader of people. Once of Cynthia’s many nominators writes: "…Cynthia possesses the all too rare ability to communicate in a clear and direct manner. This allows team members, other disciplines and clients to clearly understand the design and its goals."

Cynthia Adams Francis accepting award

It cannot go without mentioning the tremendous support that Cynthia provides the Department of Architectural Studies both financially, with the creation of the newly named Cynthia Adams Francis Collaboration Lab to assist with the online graduate program, as well as her support of time by serving on the Architectural Studies Advisory Board and mentoring current students.

Distinguished Service Award: Caroline Baker Lanham

Carrie earned her bachelor’s degree in Food and Human Nutrition in 1976 and began working at the Mizzou Alumni Association shortly after, in 1979. She has handled many, many things through the years there. When she began at MAA, she was responsible for banquets and building management in the Old Alumni Center. Carrie was an integral part of the team that built and outfitted the Reynolds Alumni Center in the early 1990s. She continues as the building manager today. In addition, she has performed a number of alumni programming roles. Carrie worked for years with the alumni chapters, school and college organizations and reunions. She has planned major milestone events like the MAA’s 150th Anniversary Gala and Mizzou’s Centennial Homecoming Celebration. Today, she is also responsible for the prestigious Faculty-Alumni Awards program and Touring Tigers travel program.

Carrie Baker Lanham accepting award

One constant theme throughout Carrie’s nomination letters was that she was an "unsung hero" and someone who does AMAZING work, but does so mostly behind the scenes…so rarely gets recognition…, which is why this award is so important. Dean Emerita, Bea Smith writes, "A big part of professionalism is knowing how to do a consummate job of promoting others while not seeking personal recognition or credit – and yet, retaining a compelling individual identity that speaks well of MU and its Alumni Association."

In a letter of support written by Dr. Kitty Dickerson before her passing, she states, "We like to think that the flair that Carrie brings to the planning of alumni activities is a direct reflection of her undergraduate home economics background."

Distinguished Service Award: Anthony J. Randazzo

Tony earned his bachelor’s in Environmental Design in 1989. He has worked with large architectural firms designing theme parks, worked in the residential construction industry and most recently is working at Lighting Associates, Inc. where he has been for the past 18 years.

Regarding his current position, one of his nominators writes, "Tony has a keen awareness to attention to serving the client. I am truly inspired by Tony’s ability to handle many projects and provide the level of service consistently as if your requests are always his first priority…"

Anthony Randazzo accepting award

Tony’s contributions do not end in the workplace. He is a true leader and mentor for students in the Department of Architectural Studies. In addition to serving on the Architectural Studies Advisory Board, Tony also takes the time and commits to helping the students learn about cutting-edge lighting technologies during his annual department-sponsored lecture. He also regularly holds mock interviews and thesis critiques to help students gain real-life perspective. In addition, Tony has worked with the college on the lighting for Stanley Hall and has helped to stretch our dollars.

As Ruth Tofle, department chair of Architectural Studies, stated in her nomination letter,
Who is Tony Randazzo?
He is a friend when difficult construction problems need resolution.
He is a teacher because he keeps the design community informed to stay competitive.
He is an organizer for the National Multiple Sclerosis Society.
He is a mentor who helps newly minted designers succeed.
He is a role model for students as future professionals.

Distinguished Research/Creative Activity Award: Sarah Killoren (HDFS)

Dr. Sarah Killoren is an assistant professor in the Department of Human Development and Family Science. Her area of expertise is the influence of family members, especially siblings, in Latino/a adolescent’ health outcomes. In a relatively short period, Sarah has become the foremost expert on siblings, especially in Latino/a families. Her work repeatedly demonstrates that siblings spend a lot of time with each other and shows the importance of siblings relative to other socializing agents on their siblings' developmental outcomes. She has evidence that siblings influence their siblings across a wide range of areas including, sexual health behaviors, romantic relationships, mental health adjustment and positive social behaviors.

Sarah Killoren accepting award

Since her arrival to MU in 2012, Sarah been an author on 17 peer-reviewed journal articles, and been the lead author on 8 of those. She has received a ‘Best New Professional Research Article Award’ from the National Council of Family Relations TWICE…in 2009 and again in 2012. In her time at Mizzou, Sarah has received three grants within the University of Missouri and two external grants (including a prestigious National Science Foundation grant!). In addition, she has been invited to serve on several editorial boards, including Journal of Youth and Adolescence, Adolescent Research Review and Family Process. All of these are strong indicators of the impact and recognition that she brings to MU.

Distinguished Research/Creative Activity Award: Jaume Padilla (NEP)

Dr. Jaume Padilla is an assistant professor in the Department of Nutrition and Exercise Physiology. He successfully launched an independent research program that focuses on the physiological and molecular mechanisms of how inactivity and obesity can lead to vascular dysfunction. His lab utilizes both animal models and human subjects (which is unique in itself) and produces research that is truly "translational" research that will undoubtedly improve human health.

To date, he has published 102 articles. In the past 3 ½ years of being a faculty member, he has been the primary author or coauthor on at least 47 research articles; these articles were published in well-respected, peer-reviewed journals and have attracted considerable attention. For an early- career investigator, he has also been very successful in obtaining external funding. When he first began as a faculty member at MU, he received an American Heart Association Scientist Development Grant and has also received two substantial grants from the National Institute of Health thus far and currently has another NIH grant that is highly likely to be awarded within this calendar year. Before he even goes up for tenure, he will have garnered well over $2 million in grand funding and have published perhaps 60-70 papers as a faculty member…quite impressive!

Dr. Padilla accepting award

Jaume also has received numerous awards, including the 2016 American Physiological Society (APS) Cardiovascular Section New Investigator Award, the New Investigator Award from the APS Environmental and Exercise Physiology Section and Inaugural Review Prize from the Physiological Society in the United Kingdom.

Distinguished Faculty Service Award: Pam Hinton (NEP)

Dr. Pam Hinton is an associate professor and director of Nutritional Sciences Graduate Studies in the Department of Nutrition and Exercise Physiology and has been a model for service work to the department, the college and the University as a whole.

As a part of her service within the department, she advises Nutritional Sciences graduate students, monitors their progress; developed the Nutritional Sciences Graduate Program Handbook; drafted a departmental policy on graduate student appeal of dismissal; assists in recruiting Nutritional Sciences graduate students and works in the admission process of these students. Additionally, Pam is part of the School of Medicine Umbrella Graduate Program Committee. This committee has involved monthly meetings for almost 2 years, consulting with faculty in Nutrition and Exercise Physiology to determine essential discipline-specific curriculum and developing cross-discipline first year curriculum for the umbrella graduate program.

Dr. Hinton accepting award

Perhaps the most important service work that Pam has done for many years is her work on the Grievance Resolution Panel. Having a fair grievance process is essential for the healthy functioning of the University and Pam has been the backbone of that committee for about 8 years. This committee, which includes two faculty and one administrator, has the difficult task of presiding over all campus-wide grievances involving faculty. Serving in this role requires a steady presence in the midst of tension and conflict, and in this regard, Pam’s work has been spectacular.

Distinguished Teacher Award: Nikki Raedeke (NEP)

Dr. Nikki Raedeke is an assistant teaching professor and the Dietetics Program Director. Nikki is currently in her 20th year in the Department of Nutrition and Exercise Physiology at MU. The Medical Dietetics program is widely acclaimed throughout our profession and academic circles, as one that gives students the background knowledge, decision making and problem solving skills required to earn an average of 97% pass rate on the professional registration exam for years, compared to the 80% national average pass rate. In order to achieve such success, Nikki must require faculty to be highly responsive teachers, evaluators well skilled at interactions and as mentors for students in hospital/clinic/community/food service settings…she excels at all of these and leads by example.

Dr. Raedeke accepting award

A couple of Nikki’s recent milestones within the program include:

  • Leading the redevelopment and expansion of the Medical Dietetics curriculum from an undergraduate to a master’s level graduate professional program.
  • Directing the creation of extremely functional and useful simulation situations by Medial Dietetics faulty, for use by students at strategic points in the new curriculum.

A common thread ran through the many levels of support from Nikki’s former students…she truly cares about her students, while at MU and beyond. She leads by example, and serves as a role model and mentor to many students over the course of her time here. As one person stated, "She works tirelessly to improve our students’ experiences in the classroom, in supervised experience, simulation and in the community."

Outstanding Staff Award: Alex Embree (Student Services)

Alex Embree is the Student Services Coordinator in the Student Services Office and has been in HES since 2011. She is the first person that every new student meets when they enter the College of Human Environmental Sciences. She set up the first schedule of courses for all new freshman and transfers of division and almost maintains the academic records for new students, including assigning their advisor.

Students consistently give positive evaluations of their interactions with Alex. One student nominator states, "Thanks to her consistent, honest advice, I have improved as a student to levels I never thought possible…what always amazed me was that no matter how many times I called her she never gave a hint of being tired of me…That kind of personal touch and kindness will always mean a lot to me. What I needed most at that time was a steady, caring hand…and it was Mrs. Embree who offered her hand. I will always be in her debt for that."

Alex Embree and Dean Rikoon

Alex represents HES on several committees across campus, including the Advisor’s Forum, Summer Welcome, Residential Life Learning Communities, MU Connect/Early Alert, and MU Online. She stays in contact with advisors from community colleges throughout Missouri to help students transition to HES and she advises students in the 100% online degree program from Human Development and Family Science.  She has taught HES 1100 and is currently teaching a Student Success Center course. For the past three years, Alex has served as the advisor for the Dean’s Advisory Board, and she coordinates the HES Ambassadors by hiring, training and leading recruitment activities.

Outstanding Graduate Teaching Award: Ehsan Naderi (ArchSt)

Ehsan Naderi is an Architectural Studies doctoral student. His success as a Graduate Teaching Assistant is because Ehsan is both a successful designer and teacher. As a successful designer, he demonstrates outstanding expertise in applied design and his portfolio represents his fine talents. Through his current work in the Immersive Visualization Lab (iLab), Ehsan is expanding his design skills to include emerging immersive visualization platforms. He is also the designer of the two murals at the Stanley Hall north entrance.

As a successful teacher, he is motivated to help all his students succeed in our creative design field.  Ehsan has taught the foundation design studio for our architectural studies student this fall. Hi is currently teaching design communication studio. Both are required courses for our majors and graduate students are rarely chosen to teach these courses. Design products by his students and his student evaluations confirmed our confidence in him.

Ehsan Naderi and Dean Rikoon

One student writes, "I would not be where I am today if it weren’t for the basic yet vital techniques Ehsan taught me in Studio 1. I truly feel I am a better designer because of Ehsan’s experience he was able to share with us."

Outstanding Graduate Research Award: Nathan Winn (NEP)

Nathan Winn is a PhD candidate in the Department of Nutrition and Exercise Physiology.

Nathan’s research is focused on the impact of inactivity and obesity on metabolic and vascular outcomes. His enthusiasm and drive for research is reflected by the fact that he currently leads several highly time-consuming and complex human and animal studies. In addition, he organizes a bi-weekly departmental journal club where he and others discuss papers related to diabetes.

During his second year as a doctoral student, he received an award ($76K) from the American Egg Board to study the interaction between diet composition and inactivity on insulin sensitivity and β-cell function. This is only one of the studies that he is working on. Nathan also demonstrates a great ability to mentor more junior trainees in the lab including other graduate students and undergraduate students.

Nathan Winn and Dean Rikoon

Nathan currently has two first-author publications and has another first-author paper under review. In addition, he is ready to submit two additional papers within the next two months.

In the words of his nominator, "Nathan is an excellent student in our PhD program with strong promise to become a first-rate scientist. Indeed, because of his talent, excellent training, and dedication to science, I envision a bright future for Nathan."