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Seeding Interdisciplinary Research Collaboration (SIRC) Awards

2016 SIRC Awards

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Faculty Member Proposal Unit Collaborators
Lyria Bartlett Exploring Fabrication in the Museum Experience ArchSt Rachel Navarro - Museum of Art & Archaeology; Dr. Kristin Schwain - Department of Art History & Archaeology; Dr. Jo Stealey - Department of Art
Laura Cole Ecological Literacy in the Green School Building ArchSt Dr. Laura Zangori - Department of Learning, Teaching, and Curriculum; John Nies - Grant Elementary; Matthew Kuensting - Grant Elementary
Virginia Ramseyer Winter Writing Retreat to Develop a Funding Proposal for an Innovative Body Image Intervention Pilot Study SSW Dr. Antoinette Landor - HDFS; Dr. Kristen Morris - TAM; Dr. Michelle Teti - Health Sciences
Victoria Vieira-Potter An Interdisciplinary Collaboration to Identify Relationships between Pregnant Mothers’ Metabolic Health and Postnatal Metabolic Outcomes NEP Dr. Jill Kanaley - NEP; Dr. Daniel Jackson - OB/Gyn