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HES Research & Graduate Studies

We’re dedicated to helping faculty, staff and students in the College of Human Environmental Sciences. Please use the links to the left to find helpful information or contact us if you have other questions.

Research Spotlights

Kelli Canada

Dr. Kelli Canada (SSW)
An Advocate for the Marginalized - 8/25/14

Michael Guillemette

Dr. Michael Guillemette (PFP)
Fear of Losing Money Affects Investor Risk Tolerance - 7/30/14

Heather Leidy

Dr. Heather Leidy (NEP)
High-Protein Breakfasts Good for Women - 4/30/14

Coleen Galambos

Dr. Colleen Galambos (SSW)
End-of-Life Decisions Should be Discussed Earlier - 4/14/14

Sara Gable

Dr. Sara Gable (NEP)
Child Care and PreK Can Work Together – 3/10/14

Christine Proulx

Dr. Christine Proulx (HDFS)
The All-or-Nothing Marriage - 2/14/14

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